Personal Loans

Personal Loans

Pan American Bank offers competitively-priced Personal Loans.

Need money quickly to cover a personal need. We offer Personal Loans up to $5,000 with as long as three years to repay. A Personal Loan can help finance a specific purchase or pay off other more costly loans. Think holiday gifts, vacation, auto repairs, home improvement, medical bills, or any other expense or purchase.

Getting a personal loan is easy!

Installment Loans are fixed-rate with predictable monthly payments that can be easily budgeted. The application process is quick and simple. Our Personal Loan is priced so competitively that it may make sense to use it to pay off a credit card or other debt.

Apply for a Personal Loan today by calling our Loan Department at 323.264.3310 or visit our branch.

Auto Loans

Pan American offers competitive loans for new and used car loans. Great fixed rates on new, used, and refinanced auto loans.

Apply today by calling our Loan Department at 323.264.3310 or visit our branch.


* All applications undergo a credit review.  Not all applicants will be approved.

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